Benefit Coverage

When you become fully retired, you are eligible for full retiree benefits at no cost to you. Fully retired means that all of the following apply:

  • you are 62 or older, or you are totally disabled and receiving a Canada Pension Plan or Quebec Pension Plan (CPP/ QPP) disability pension, and
  • you receive a benefit from the IBEW International benefit fund, and
  • you receive your IBEW Local 353 pension, and
  • you were covered under the IBEW Local 353 group benefit plan at the time you retired, and
  • you were covered under this plan for at least 36 of the 60 months immediately before you retired.

These are the basic details of the coverage provided by our plan for Retired Members effective May 1, 2017:

Death Benefit Retired Member: $10,000
Accident Insurance Retired Member/spouse/each child: $10,000/$4,000/$1,000
Short-Term Disability Not applicable
Long-Term Disability Not applicable
No deductible.
100% Reimbursement*
Ambulance services
Medical supplies (e.g. oxygen, crutches, casts, etc.)
Durable medical equipment (e.g. wheelchairs)
Orthopedic shoes/orthotics – to a combined maximum of $500 every 12 months
Prescription Drugs
Drug card provided
Drugs covered at 100%*
Ontario Drug Benefit Plan first payor at age 65
Effective August 1, 2015 $100 annual Ontario Drug Benefit deductible is an eligible expense
Hospital Semi-private coverage for acute care accommodations
In-Home Duty Nursing $10,000 per calendar year for medical purposes only
Vision Care Glasses, contact lenses or laser eye surgery to a maximum of $750 per person every 24 months
Eye exams covered to a maximum of $125 per person every 24 months
At age 65, the ODB covers eye exams every 12 months
Hearing Aids Maximum of $750 per 36 months after the Ontario Assistive Devices Program
Paramedical Services* Maximum of $2,000 per calendar year, per person, for all registered practitioners combined. Includes: acupuncturist, chiropodist, chiropractor, Christian Science Practitioner, clinical psychologist, dietician, homeopath, intensive behavioural intervention (IBI), naturopath, osteopath, podiatrist, physiotherapist, registered massage therapist, social worker, and speech therapist.
Member Assistance Program
1-800-387 4765
Provides 24/7 confidential, short-term counselling for relationship and family issues, legal and financial matters, addictions and health advice, nutritional and personal well-being
Best Doctors
Provides a comprehensive medical review to assess if your doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan are best for you
No deductible
Electronic claims
Fees based on the current year’s
Ontario Dental Association Fee Guide
Services covered at 100%: Diagnostic services, Preventive services, Minor restorative and surgical services, Dentures and denture repair, Endodontic services
Services covered at 75%: Periodontal services, Orthodontic services (age restrictions apply)
Services covered at 50%: Prosthodontics (fixed), Restorative services
Travel Medical Emergency Insurance & Assistance Not applicable

*Benefits are subject to reasonable and customary limits as defined by Great-West Life and industry practices*

Benefits at a glance provided here are highlights of the benefits available to members of the IBEW Local 353. Should there be any difference between the information contained here and the legal plan documents, the plan documents will apply. The Board of Trustees reserve the right to change or cancel any or all benefits described on this page at any time